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My story Legend of the king is actually a fantasy adaptation of the history of King David set forth in the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel in the Bible. King David was said to be "a man after God's own heart" or that he had a "perfect heart towards God." This of course didn't mean David didn't make any mistakes, because he had his fare share of screw-ups. But his heart, unlike the people around him, was focused on pleasing and honoring God. This is the reason God chose David as Saul successor above any other person. David knew that a life that pleased God was one with a sincere heart devoted to a close relationship with God and one devoted to pleasing God. This alone could merit a manga being made after him, but David's history is filled with action unlike any other, romance unlike any other, and betrayal unlike any other. The characters in his history are so intriguing and enthralling, like David's 30 Mighty Men (1st Chronicles 11). These guys were super tough. I challenge you to read the true story as you read my comic. You will then get the whole picture of Kios' and David's life. You could even read ahead and see how my story interprets and stacks up to the history of David. David's story starts in 1st Samuel 16 and ends at the end of 2nd Samuel. You can also find snippets of his story in 1st Kings and 1st Chronicles 10.

But you can also start at the begining of 1st Samuel to find out the back story of characters like Zora (Samuel), Azor (Saul), and even the Dark Nation (Philistines).


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