Comic Archive

Issue 1

Legend of the King 1 Cover

Page1  Zora on a Mission

Page2  Azor Flashback

Page3  Loosing the Kingdom

Page4  Enter Kios

Page5  Under Fire

Page6  I Ain't Stopp'n

Page7  Out of Energy?

Page8  6th Level Strike

Page9  Heaven Flame Ryu

Page10 Slackers

Page11 I Don't Judge the Way You Do

Page12 Choosing a King

Page13 Work'n the Fields

Page14 When Bion’s Attack!

Page15 Grab and Toss

Page16 Sonic Elbow

Page17 Kios meet Zora

Page 18 Agious Spirit

Page19 Agious Surrounds

Page20 Agious Eyes

Page21 Watch Out for Azor

Page22 Furious King Azor

Page23 You Need a Guitarp Player


A LotK Christmas

Issue 2

Legend of the King 2 Cover

Page1  Guitarp Serenade

Page2  Who's There

Page3  Cornered

Page4  Spring Into Action

Page5  A Claw to the Head

Page6  Good Bye Bion

Page7  To Much Power!

Page8  Death is Very Sad

Page9  News isn't always good

Page10 Fastest Kirra

Page11 Cheering You On

Page12 Take Care My Boy

Page13 On the Road to Somewhere

Page14 Ready Set Go

Page15 Let'R Rip!

Page16 Kirron Peanut Curry

Page17 Ruthy!

Page18 Ready to Meet the King?

Page19 Sire the Boys Here

Page20 Do You Know Why Your Here?

Page21 A Sweet Room

Page22 They're Proud of You!

Issue 3

Legend of the King 3 Cover

Page1 Kios Wake Up!

Page2 Like a Mom

Page3 Six O'clock

Page4 Do What I Say

Page5 Work Day 1

Page6 Work Day 2

Page7 Special Delivery or Work Day 3

Page8 Shinny Floor or Work Day 4

Page9 Dark Lord Gath

Page10 Anointed Boy!

Page11 Like a Son

Page12 Up Early











Issue 4